Ep. 60 How Grass Roots Tea CEO Jelani Nurse Transformed Tragedy Into a Limitless Brand

After coming home to care for his mother who was recovering from a brain aneurysm, Jelani Nurse survived a tragic motorcycle accident to get back on his path to healing others through herbs.

Laying on the hospital gurney with a broken fibula, 2 broken fingers, a fraction of a middle finger, and severe road rash over 50% of his body the one thing that he clung to was the herbs that he used to heal.

After 6 months and ditching conventional medicine the Grass Roots Tea CEO has perfectly toned skin and the regeneration of his finger to prove that his herbs work!

In this episode, Jelani dishes on the marketplaces in Ethiopia, Peru, and Argentina that helped him to research and gather the different ingredients in his proprietary blends. We talk about the Grass Roots signature blend: Limitless, the Grass Roots product rollout strategy, how the brand sold their products before linking with a manufacturer, and the importance of partnerships that align with their brand.

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