Ep. 58 The Business Behind Multi-Level Marketing ft. Nathalie Nicole


Nathalie Nicole Smith is a beauty, health and wellness entrepreneur who has worked tirelessly over the past seven years to produce a powerhouse brand that cater to women and their needs.
As a business woman and national director for TLC Nathalie knows what it takes to secure a $250,000 bag using the same multi-level marketing tactics deployed in Avon and Rubbermaid sales.
She sat down with #GOALS to talk about the importance of being teachable, her relationships with the various mentors in her life, the pitfalls of family and business, and her passion for seeing other women win.
We are also breaking down the myths behind Multi Level Marketing. If you ever wanted to know the difference between Wake Up Now and Mary Kay, this episode may be for you.

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#GOALS the podcast is for the dream chaser, risk taker, and #GOAL getter in you! Giving you insight on the journey and everyday life of the extra-ordinary entrepreneur we are supplying you with the motivation you need to get up and go get it.

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