Ep. 61 How to Lock In On Your Dream & Create A Successful Travel Brand ft. Rachel Hill

Before becoming a travel influencer & digital strategist Rachel Hill looked like she had it all… 1. The downtown apartment in a prime location. (CHECK!) 2. The 6 figure salary (and all of the shoes that comes with it). (CHECK & CHECK!) 3. The cities of Philadelphia and New York in her back yard. (CHECK!) But she decided to create a new life for herself after realizing that her corporate position was taking a toll […]

Ep. 60 How Grass Roots Tea CEO Jelani Nurse Transformed Tragedy Into a Limitless Brand

After coming home to care for his mother who was recovering from a brain aneurysm, Jelani Nurse survived a tragic motorcycle accident to get back on his path to healing others through herbs. Laying on the hospital gurney with a broken fibula, 2 broken fingers, a fraction of a middle finger, and severe road rash over 50% of his body the one thing that he clung to was the herbs that he used to heal. […]

Ep. 59 Beauty & The Beat ft. Pepper B.

Pepper B. is a celebrity makeup artist, makeup counter developer, and beauty journalist. She sat down with #GOALS to talk about how she has navigated the different realms of the makeup world since the age of 18. We cover a variety of issues including the art of negotiating your pay as an artist, how easy it is to get stuck at a makeup counter, and social responsibility as an influencer and journalist. This episode was […]

Ep. 58 The Business Behind Multi-Level Marketing ft. Nathalie Nicole

  Nathalie Nicole Smith is a beauty, health and wellness entrepreneur who has worked tirelessly over the past seven years to produce a powerhouse brand that cater to women and their needs. As a business woman and national director for TLC Nathalie knows what it takes to secure a $250,000 bag using the same multi-level marketing tactics deployed in Avon and Rubbermaid sales. She sat down with #GOALS to talk about the importance of being […]