Ep. 54 The Glow Up ft. EHoney CEO Erika Clark

Eczema, burns, folliculitis, psoriasis…these are only a few ailments that plague colored skin. However, we rarely have a brand that is “FUBU” (For US, by the US) or designed with our melanin in mind (I’m on a roll right now, don’t judge me haha!).
However, after sitting down with Erika Clark we know that the billion-dollar beauty industry will slowly but surely make room for her products. The founder and CEO of EHoney LLC, a skincare and beauty brand based in skin of color research, has designed and formulated key products to combat the skin conditions listed above in a more natural way.
Using honey as the base for the majority of its products, Clark draws knowledge from her time at Hampton University’s Skin of Color Research Institute to ensure that her products are anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory.
In this episode of #GOALS we talk about experiences that can change the trajectory of your life including a major car accident that had Erika unable to walk, Erika’s famous influences, the importance of EHoney being approved by the FDA, financing a business, and so much more!

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