Ep. 53 It’s Not a Sprint It’s a Marathon ft. Dana Blair

Dana Blair Johnson grew up seeing cotton fields. Miss Johnson, a black woman, from the south, whose father picked cotton during summers when home from college…grew up in Alexandria, Louisana seeing cotton fields.
And she used the art of dance to change her scenery.
Training in some of the best ballet programs in the country, Dana pursued her passion for dance and performed Off-Broadway in New York City until her body betrayed her and she had to hang up her dance shoes for higher education.
In this episode of #GOALS, we break down Dana’s transition from being: “a dancer [who does] not speak” to an on-air personality who asks the questions that millions want to know the answers to.
We also unpack Dana’s decision to leave her adopted home of New York City including her on-air hosting position and her mission to move forward including signs from God, who she talks to when making leaps of faith, and getting Dana right.

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