Ep. 50 The Ministry of Consistency ft. Priiincesss

Entrepreneur, blogger, and #DREAMchaser Priiincesss of iampriiinesss.com, moved to the United States in 2000 from Haiti and settled in Atlanta in 2009 to start her own business. After realizing that she wanted to profit from her passion, Priiincesss let go of her first venture, an online dating site, and then shifted her sights to the fashion world by creating a personal style blog and boutique for the modern woman who wants to dress from day to night and make her wardrobe fit her social lifestyle.
The driven businesswoman credits her work ethic to her Haitian roots and a family that has worked for themselves as long as she can remember; she uses those memories as a catalyst to push her forward in providing consistent content for her viewers.
In this interview, we also talk about the new Blogging 101 course that Priiincesss has created and break down the pressures of following a trend vs the sustainability of building a target market.

Ministry of Consistency Topics:
The importance of passion in your business
Being your brand
Google Analytics and Stat Counters
Defining your target market
Business Partners

“If I’m not passionate, the money won’t be enough to keep me waking up in the morning.”

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#GOALS the podcast is for the dream chaser, risk taker, and #GOAL getter in you! Giving you insight on the journey and everyday life of the extra-ordinary entrepreneur we are supplying you with the motivation you need to get up and go get it.

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