Ep. 57 Anime & Trap Music ft. Bryanda Law of Quirktastic

Dear, GEEKS, NERDS, ALTERNATIVES, & QUIRKY PEOPLE this episode is for you!

Bryanda Law created her blog Quirky Brown Love while taking a break from her MEDICAL SCHOOL application process.

After some pretty obvious signs that med school would be put on hold, Bryanda realizes that she had never explored anything outside of that option.

She started Quirky Brown Love to serve as both her outlet for things considered “not black” like cosplay, anime and comic books and representation for “quirky” people of color.

In 2016 Bryanda decided to rebrand Quirky Brown Love to Quirktastic and solely cater to her niche market of quirky people and in 2017 Bryanda entered into an incubator to continue the #GOAL of taking the platform to the next level as a full-blown media company.

In this episode, we discuss the challenges of rebranding, the importance of customer discovery, brand activation, shady ex-employees, and expansion.


9:28 THE SIGN that medical school was not in the cards

11:06 LEAVING your full time job

17:18 REBRANDING to cater to your target market

21:42 CUSTOMER DISCOVERY and why you should make a product to hit your target market

27:00 IMPLEMENTING your customer research

31:52 BRAND ACTIVATION Blerds Who Brunch and the importance of events

33:55 NET NEUTRALITY and how your small business’s revenue model could change with uncontrollable factors.

35:25 #SOLANGESUNDAYS targeting different markets at that same time

38:10 THE QUIRK SHOP’s development and pay off


42:00 TEAM QUIRKTASTIC creating staple content and resources that no one else is creating

44:40 MODE MEDIA’s story helped to create safeguards

48:40 INVESTORS vs brands

52:00 HACKED emails during the rebrand

56:13 QUIRKCON in 2019: Sailor Moon, SZA, & Sage


Resources mentioned (Clickable links):

-Incubator: DigitalUndivided

Mode Media Article (The rise and fall)

Media Vine


-American Underground


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Want to follow Bryanda or the Quirktastic movement:

Personal IG: @_Bryanda

Quirktastic IG: @Quirktastic_co

Quirk Shop IG: @thequirkshopusa

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